Mo. 02.05.
America Explained: The U.S. Presidential Election 2016

Presentation by Lauren Ledbetter, Stuttgart


Beginn 17.00 Uhr

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum / James-F.-Byrnes-Institut e.V. (DAZ) . Charlottenplatz 17 (Innenhof, Eingang 3) . 70173 Stuttgart

How does a democracy in a country as large as the United States actually work? Have you ever wondered just how the President of the United States is elected? Or what the Electoral College or a Primary Race means? We will answer these questions and many more! As the U.S. gears up for its next Presidential election, let's take a look at the party platforms of the major candidates, the differences between Republicans and Democrats and consider possible solutions to the most challenging issues facing America and the world.

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