Mo. 02.05.
American Modernist Poetry: An Introduction

Part of the Lecture Course "Survey of American Literature II: From the Civil War to Today" at the Department of English and American Studies, University of Stuttgart


Beginn 15.45 Uhr

Universität Stuttgart . Keplerstr. 17, Kollegiengebäude 2 (K2), Raum 17.02 . 70174 Stuttgart

The lecture set (May 2 and May 9) offers a comprehensive introduction to US-American modernist literature. The lecture course explores a broad scope of literary representations and formations as well as central ideas, myths, and concepts that have influenced American identity constructions since the time of national reconstruction and the subsequent rise of the United States to the rank of a world power. In the first part of the lecture set, Prof. Dr. Marc Priewe will give an overview of US-American modernist poetry. T.S. Eliot’s enigmatic “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (1915) and his notable “The Wasteland” (1922) will serve as case studies to emphasize aspects of modernist innovation. He then will put his focus on the Harlem Renaissance and its diversity of textual productions in literature, music, and the fine arts. Using Langston Hughes “I, too” (1924) as an example, the course will reflect on literary tradition, creative adaption, and critical perceptions of this period in the context of their time.

Sprache englisch

Dozent/in Prof. Dr. Marc Priewe

Uhrzeit 15.45 – 17.15 Uhr

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Veranstalter Amerikanistik, Institut für Literaturwissenschaft, Universität Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Marc Priewe,,