Eve and the fateful apple

Mo. 02.05.
The Creation of the World & Other Business by Arthur Miller – Act I

A Comic Parable by Arthur Miller

Lesung / Theater

Beginn 20.00 Uhr . Einlass 19.00 Uhr

Kulturzentrum Merlin e.V. . Augustenstrasse 72 . 70178 Stuttgart

A parable for our time, and all time, rich with philosophic insights and alive with vivid theatricality. "The Creation of the World and Other Business" explores the classic theme of good versus evil by way of a comedic retelling of the story of the creation of man (and woman). Miller's God is powerful but lacks wisdom. He needs Adam and Eve to procreate, but doesn't know how to entice them into starting the process. Onto the scene comes Lucifer, who believes the existence of evil will make sex exciting, a concept God eschews by tossing his black sheep angel into hell.

Sprache englisch

Leitung Charles C. Urban

Künstler/in Derrick Jenkins, Joerg Witzsch, Felice Becker, Bryan Mitchell, Barbara Claussen, Anthony King, Bryan Groenjes

Musiker/in Michael Hecht, Dimitri Rudiakov, Lucia Cericola

Eintritt 5.00 Euro

VVK 5.00 Euro

Vorverkaufsstelle Kulturzentrum Merlin e.V.

AK 5.00 Euro

Veranstalter NEAT – New English American Theatre, Charles C. Urban,,, Tel 0711 634320; Kulturzentrum Merlin e.V., Barbara Bruns,,, Tel 0711 618549, Fax 0711 6157676