International Church of the Nazarene

Mergentheimerstraße 15 . 70372 Stuttgart

The International Church of the Nazarene in Stuttgart, Germany is part of an international network of churches belonging to the worldwide Church of the Nazarene and to the World Council of Methodist Churches. Our roots lie within the theology of Methodism and the influence of John Wesley. Our historical development, however, took place in the context of the 19th century American History with the growth of the holiness movement inside the greater reform movements going on at that time. Our church was a coming together of many groups who focused on the meaning of holiness, both for personal living and for the social environment. We are not a splitting off, but a coming together − and this emphasis is the basis for our working together in the local community in Stuttgart − Bad Cannstatt. We come together from different backgrounds and work together in an international setting to form a community that reflects both personal faith and ethical living.

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